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Scott & Leah Silverii

“By all odds we shouldn’t have made it. By God’s grace, we will.”

We were each at the top of our careers. Both grounded in Christ with a blended family of young kids on the line. It was a marriage made in heaven, right?

We’d not been married a full week before God spoke to each of us separately. He laid the Faithful Ministry on our hearts, but we were too embarrassed to tell one another. After all, it hadn’t been one week, and besides, we’d both been divorced before.

Who were we to help other remarried couples? We weren’t even sure if we could make it to the next week. The past is never so present as when you think you’ve outrun it.

Past pain has a peculiar way of wreaking havoc in your future. Taking off the masks of strong-willed individuals was when we learned the only way to avoid another divorce was surrendering humbly as a broken, but loving couple before Christ.

It was in our brokenness that God lifted us up from the dust of despair and breathed renewed life into our spirits. It was time. He had once planted the Marriage Matters seed in our hearts, and while it required a few years to bud, His will did indeed bloom.

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Scott and Leah Silverii on airplane to Las Vegas
Scott and Leah Silverii at Dunton Springs, Colorado

By all odds, we shouldn’t have made it…

By modern standards, our marriage should’ve ended in divorce. We’ve been through just about every crisis imaginable, and all within the first two years of our marriage. It’s by the grace of God that our marriage not only survived these moments of crisis, but that it also THRIVES.

  • High Stress job as chief of police

  • Combining households out of state (move #1)

  • Frequent Travel (40 flights a year)

  • Living apart at times for work / kids

  • Special needs child

  • Young kids adjusting to change

  • Difficult exes and money

  • Aging parent care

  • Building dream home

  • Selling dream home (move #2)

  • Infidelity

  • Moving to a different state (move #3)

  • Lawsuits and attorney fees

  • Death of a parent

  • Broken family relationships

  • Career shifts/retirement