7 Truths of a Real Blended Family

Blue Marriage


It’s summer!

And we have a houseful.

To be honest, summer is probably our favorite time of year. We love having all the kids under one roof for an extended period of time. And it’s always kind of a bummer when school starts back up, and along with it, the routine of early mornings, after school band practice, ballet, karate, gymnastics, and wherever else Scott and I find ourselves driving to. But summer means long, lazy days filled with family time, pool time, and fun outings.


(We took the kids to play TopGolf and had a blast!)

I have to admit we’re very blessed in the blended family department. We’ve had a few rough patches over the years, but for the most part, our lives and all the kids have melded seamlessly. But…there have been rough patches.

We’re talking seven kids, five of which are under eighteen and still live…

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A Woman’s Fight For Forgiveness: Being A Godly Wife

Blue Marriage

Tide Turned

This is one of those blog posts that turned into a tough love segment somewhere along the way. Mostly tough love for me. I learned a lot while writing this post. Forgiveness was my ultimate lesson.

It’s incredible to look back on years as specific benchmarks in our lives. I was born in 1980, and accepted Christ in 1989. In 2001 I became a mom, and quit teaching to write full-time in 2011. Scott and I met in 2013. We married in 2015.

These were all years that impacted my life significantly.

2017 is one of those years. My life changed forever on January 1, 2017. There were moments in 2017 when I felt my spirit had been completely crushed to dust. Not broken pieces that could be put back together again. But DUST.


I heard Lysa TerKeurst speak at the Pink Impact conference a couple of…

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Security in Marriage, Security in Christ

Blue Marriage


I originally wrote this post to speak to and encourage other women, but the more I wrote, the more I realized I’m talking to both husbands and wives. I want wives to see themselves as worthy through their husband’s eyes. And I want husbands to look at their wives and see something beautiful and precious and worth fighting for.

This isn’t meant to be one of those posts that’s controversial or steps on toes, but as I read through it again, I realized it might accomplish both of those things. I’m okay with that. I pray about each one of my blog posts, and I want to make sure the words I speak are spirit-led and not Leah-led.

Here’s the post in its original entirety.


Women, show of hands. How many of you have ever felt worthless? Like you can never measure up no matter how hard you try or…

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Preparing a Place

Scott Silverii Ministries

Chaplain Ronnie Melancon Chaplain Ronnie Melancon

It is such a joy when someone saves a place for us. We walk into a crowded room wondering how we’re going to find a seat, and someone across the way waves us over; pointing to a chair they’ve held especially for us. For a moment we feel a sense of relief, a taste of being on the inside.

Now consider Jesus’ words in John 14:2—”I am going . . . to prepare a place for you.”


Christ promises that He is saving a place in heaven especially for each of us. When we walk into the crowded excitement of the wedding feast of Jesus Christ with the sound of thousands of conversations, clinking glasses, laughter and music, we will once again feel that excitement of being let into the inner circle.

We’ll be welcomed to the table by our Lord Himself. No one will have to…

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CEO – Show Them God’s Love This Easter: One Word Matters

CEO – Show Them God’s Love

Growing up, my parents, who were good blue collar folks, never took us kids to church. Not even the obligatory Christmas or Easter. We dressed up nice and opened gifts or rummaged through baskets of chocolate, but Christ had no role in the home.

We were not even what our pastor Robert Morris at Gateway Church kindly called a CEO – “Christmas & Easter Only”

This Easter it is so important to pursue the CEO’s in our life. Invite and encourage them to come to church. It doesn’t have to be your church, nor should it be a guilt trip reminding them of their last 364 days of failing to attend a service.

Many people go on Easter Sunday for the first time for many reasons, but all that matters is that they go, and they hear the gospel of Christ.

What good does one day do?

The day Jesus was crucified, was the first time the criminals on either side of Him were in His presence. While one rejected the Him, the other received Christ and entered paradise for his faith.

Then he said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” Jesus answered him, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.”

Luke 23:42-43

We all know a CEO, and at times, been a CEO. This Easter, if the gentle title of CEO fits, make a point to attend a service. If you know a CEO, make a point to invite them to attend a service. It can even be hard to decide what church is right for your, or if asked, which is best on recommended.

Although, there are a month of Sundays, this one day might be the breakthrough. First impressions matter. Consider this choice carefully. While some may enjoy the pomp and circumstance of an elaborate ceremony delivered in Latin, the seeker desperate for God’s word simply needs to hear just that – God’s Word.

You might just be responsible for the one time it takes to know the resurrected Christ. I trust you’ll have a blessed Easter week.

Much Love / Much Respect,

Got The Holy Spirit? Peter’s Life of Called Versus Transformed

A few weeks ago I posted a question at Bricker Breakers about when we first came to know Christ. Many Brothers, including myself, testified to accepting Jesus at one point, but truly coming to serve Him later in life.

That was always something I worried about. Was I not saved when I knew I was saved? Was there something else or more that I did or didn’t do? How could I be saved, yet continue to sin?

Then I began to pray about Peter. I like him and I think most of us do because he’s a lot like us. Peter was called by Jesus just as we were, but although he was called and followed, he still fell short of where we think we should be once we come to Christ

Jesus called out to them, “Come, follow me, and I will show you how to fish for people!”

Matthew 4:19 New Living Translation (NLT)

He jumped out of the boat, but sank, he fell asleep while Jesus prayed in the garden, and although he swore he wouldn’t, Peter denied Christ 3 times before he fled from Him.

Peter still clung to many carnal practices such as pride and arrogance despite being in the presence of Christ.

Then he returned to his disciples and found them sleeping. “Couldn’t you men keep watch with me for one hour?” he asked Peter.

Matthew 26:40

This isn’t a knock on Peter, and it’s not a knock on us, but there is a distinct difference between Peter’s life of following and his life of service.

The difference was being called versus being transformed. In many ways we are very similar to Peter. Holding onto a boastful spirit without humility, experiencing what it means to be broken and still redeemed, and finally growing bold in Christ through the Holy Spirit’s transformational power.

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Acts 1:8

It was once the Holy Spirit fell upon him, that Peter was spiritually transformed from a follower to a faithful believer and image bearer of God.

God featured Peter for a purpose. I feel like the purpose was because so many of us guys go through similar called / transformed experiences.

It’s no longer something I worry about or question, but it did resurface on those days so many of us were sharing our experiences. I knew the devil was whispering doubts in my ear, but thanks be to God, that He whispered the truth.

Much Love / Much Respect,

Got The Holy Spirit? Peter’s Life of Called Versus Transformed

Profiles In Personal Pain: Which One Are You and How Do You Manage It?

Profiles In Personal Pain: Which One Are You and How Do You Manage It?

What’s really eating away at you? Are regrets consuming your thoughts so you’re forced to shut them down? Can you sit in silence without a mental movie flooding your brain and demanding that you fill the quiet?

You’re not alone. The pain we carry from our past is tucked away and always available to muck up our lives or turn gold star moments into brown star regrets.

We allow pain, shame and regret to consume us with stress over how to cope with it. Unfortunately, the coping solves nothing. Healing does.

Have you developed your own secret way of helping to ease that hurt? Does your way involve something that if exposed, would embarrass, ruin your reputation or cost you a career? If so, then you are not working toward healing, you are enabling the hurt.

God gives us examples and consequences of how avoiding Him only drags out the injury. There are three primary ways we try to manage pain.

Why do we avoid God? Because the devil whispers in our ear that we’re not worthy, and that we can’t trust God because all He wants to do is convict and punish us. I will tell you that there is no other way than through Jesus Christ the great healer and physician.


King David was exalted as a great and mighty ruler. God himself, chose David to be king over Israel because of what He saw on the inside.

Man looks at how someone appears on the outside.

But I look at what is in the heart.

1 Samuel 16:7b

Although David was anointed by God, he didn’t come to the throne without serious personal baggage. David is a lot like us in carrying personal pain from our past.

Medication is the first way of unsuccessfully dealing with pain. David’s medication of choice was the flesh. His sexual addiction caused problems for everyone associated with him.

David’s pain was rooted in the rejection by his father. He wasn’t considered worthy of meeting the prophet Samuel who came to anoint a ruler. Yet, there in that rejected, messed up boy, Israel had a king. David’s rejection stung and stuck. Have you been hurt by a parent, and never forgave them? This injury doesn’t heal in time.

I’ll share that as a kid, I’d gotten a red warm-up suit with white stripes. It looked just like my hero, Steve Austin, The Six Million Dollar Man (Not the wrestler.) I wore it everywhere.

One day my dad called out to me, but I was mixing it up with the neighborhood kids. Then I heard his words very clearly, “Hey, idiot in that red suit, I’m talking to you.” I was about ten years old. I stuffed that track suit in the trash, and forty-two years later, those words still hurt.


The son of David, Solomon was by far the wealthiest and most wise human ever to grace the earth. Even though, he was born out of scandal with Bathsheba as his mother. He was a result of sexual sin, and the generational curse of his father continued to plague him too.

Motivation and achievements were Solomon’s failed attempt to soothe his pain. The more he accumulated the less he felt deserving. In Ecclesiastes 2 he shares the futility of trying to outwork his hurt.

I’ve included this small section of the scripture, but please read the entire Chapter 2:1-24.

10 I denied myself nothing my eyes desired;

I refused my heart no pleasure.

My heart took delight in all my labor,

and this was the reward for all my toil.

11 Yet when I surveyed all that my hands had done

and what I had toiled to achieve,

everything was meaningless, a chasing after the wind;

nothing was gained under the sun.

Ecclesiastes 2:10-11

This is so personal to me, as I suspect it is to many of you. I crushed and conquered my way through a career, athletics and academics, only to help me feel less empty. It soon became impossible to fill this empty spaces. Our spirit requires peace, not prizes.


There is a third unhealthy way of dealing with our hurt. Absalom was David’s son and Solomon’s half-brother. His pain, like many with a dominant parent, began at home. Absalom also suffered from intense guilt over doing nothing to defend his sister from a sexual attack by another half-brother.

Meditation stewed in his spirit as hatred intensified. For two years he avoided confronting his feelings and the offender before it erupted, and he killed his brother.

Attacks against others is what defines him. Are you feeling the rage of regret and wrongdoings roil beneath the surface while you look for an outlet to unleash your fury upon?

God placed a message on my heart in the recent past that remains with me today. “Avoiding is not winning.” You can only sweep so much junk under the rug. If it’s confessing a wrong to a friend, spouse, co-worker, or forgiving yourself for messing up once again, time does not heal all wounds. It is a lie, so don’t let stuff fester in your soul.

Which One Are You?

Do you booze it until you lose it, yet it’s worse than it began? Please understand that the substances used to fight addiction are not the problem. The problem is you’re using addictive substances to avoid healing from your pain.

Brothers and sisters; drinking, screwing and fighting will not heal your hurt. Don’t listen to the devil. You are good and you are worthy to be loved. God wants to heal you because He loves you. He’s not waiting to smack you like a carnival game of whack-a-mole. Allow yourself to heal. It’s better than the hurt.

Much Love,

Scott-Leah Silverii

5 Things Love Changes: You Ruined It

Blue Marriage


I explained to my then fiance several years ago that she’d “ruined” it. She laughed. I was serious. So was she.

Single adults develop habits through the years that may seem unbreakable. Certainly you’ve heard the old adage, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Well, if that mutt wants more from life than easing over from one shady spot in the yard to the next, then everyone has the capacity to learn and to change. The most profound promise about change is found in 2 Corinthians 5:17:

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.

Yep, that means even the old dog, who everyone, including himself, thinks he can’t change. Guess what – he can. Love changes all.

To be clear about my exclamation to Leah about “ruining it,” I’d been single for about twenty…

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9 Ways to be a Great and Godly Wife

Blue Marriage

faithful pic


God has blessed you with the one person you were meant to spend the rest of your life with. Marriage is our treasure, so why wouldn’t we take care of and nurture the gift God’s given us?

But let’s face it, marriage is hard. There are challenges and pitfalls mixed in with the euphoria of uniting in holy matrimony. You’ll both have good days and bad. But it’s loving each other on the bad days that strengthens a marriage.

Society tells us that almost everything else is more important than our marriage and family. But our marriage should be our highest priority, just after loving Christ with all your heart.

How many of you juggle work, kids, soccer, ballet, piano, meetings, and car pool on a daily basis, only to collapse in the evenings in front of the TV, exhausted and knowing you’ve got to be up to do it all…

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